React-Native, Swift and Salesforce Mobile SDK


Last week, Salesforce released a new version of their Mobile SDK – Salesforce Mobile SDK 4.0. And it is a big one. Full details of the release can be found here and the new Mobile SDK Developer Guide is available.

The eye-catching change (for me anyway) is the ability to create React Native apps when using forcedroid or forceios. Forceios also has a new option to create a Native Swift app. I have been looking into both React Native and Swift over the last few months and it is very cool that we can now easily create mobile apps for these.

I was first made aware of the new Mobile SDK changes from the excellent ‘Salesforce Mobile SDK: React Native tutorial‘ put together by Raja Rao DV (@rajaraodv), Developer Advocate at Salesforce. The tutorial concentrates on forceios to create a react-native app – but similar steps can be followed with forcedroid.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.10.32 p.m.

I am an avid user of’s on-line tutorial service and have enrolled in Stephen Grider’s excellent Build Apps with React Native course. He has recently added a number of videos on React Native and Android – as android support was added in October 2015.

Rob Percival’s udemy course The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course – Build 18 Apps is also highly recommended.

I am currently re-writing my ‘Project Timesheets‘ SPA from Visualforce into a Lightning SPA. Once I’ve this done I intend on re-creating that app in React Native and Swift over the coming months. I will blog all results and code here.