New Salesforce Credentials

Salesforce have changed the credentials and requirements for developers. Up to now, there have been two credentials for developers, Salesforce Certified Developer and Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer. Now there are 3 new credentials that replace these: Salesforce Certified App Builder, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II.

Developers who hold the original credentials do not automatically get the new credentials. Instead transition exams are available and can be completed now. New exams are in place to attain the new credentials for those who did not hold the previous credentials.

The Certified Developer and Advanced Developer exams are being retired this week.

As a Certified Advanced Developer, I had to sit 2 transition exams to achieve the 3 new credentials – which I’m glad to say I did successfully last week. Thankfully, Salesforce’s certification portal has excellent study guides which focussed any study I had to do and though the 2 exams were tricky, the topics covered were from those points outlined in the study guides.

I sat the App Builder Transition exam first. The study guide for it can be downloaded here and is essential reading. I was a bit wary of this one as I spend most of my time coding on the platform and not in the setup menu as often – and though the exam was tricky in places, overall it was pretty fair. The exam cost $100 ($50 for a re-take). It lasted 30 minutes with 20 multiple choice questions. You need to get 14 right to pass.

The second exam I sat was the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and II Transition Exam – study guide. This exam was free of charge. It was 30 minutes long and had 16 multiple-choice questions. You have to get 10 right to pass. This exam was also tricky in places and requires study.

According to the guides, you can take each of these exams a maximum of 3 times – after which, presumably, the full exam must be taken, thought that is not stated anywhere in the documentation.

The guides give urls to study material which was very helpful. The most eye-opening aspect of studying for the exams was the usefulness of Trailhead – it is a fantastic tool to learn. The Lightning Modules are definitely required for these 2 exams – and the information and exercises in the modules are highly recommended.

More info can be found at:

Interestingly, when completing the exam, the confirmation mails informed me that the logos will be available in a few weeks – so I haven’t changed the right side of this blog yet. I wonder if Salesforce will remove the old credentials from their verification tool and leave the newer ones? Is there an added value to stating that I have the current 3 credentials AND had the previous 2? I have already ‘lost’ my Advanced Developer Credential from 2013 according to the verification page:

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 07.59.51


Dreamforce 13

I spoke at a session at Dreamforce 13 along with some amazing people about achieving the Salesforce Certified Advanced Developer credential.

The session was chaired by Peter Chittum (@pchittum) and included contributions from Leah McGowan-Hare (@LeahBMH) and Chris Alun Lewis (@ChrisAlunLewis). The Q&A is also in the recording.