London’s Calling – Feb 5th 2016

I am looking forward to presenting a session at London’s Calling – the first European event independently organised by the community. The event takes place in London on the 5th February 2016.

The day-long event is a full of amazing sessions and keynotes from’s Peter Coffee and Erica Kuhl – not to mention the chance to meet and chat with many MVPs from the Developer Community and Developer Evangelists from Salesforce.
London's Calling 2016

My own session is at 10.55am in the ‘Alt’ room (the rooms are called CMD, CTRL, ALT and TAB – love it). The session is a sequel to my session at Dreamforce 15 where I created a complex single page application (SPA) with a Visualforce page and no apex was used. The sequel asks the question – how can I create a similar spa in a Lightning Application with Lightning Components and the Lightning Design System – and what is the experience like?

Visualforce SPA to Lightning SPA

Visualforce SPA to a Lightning SPA

I will post the slide deck for the session here the day before the event – and you might even get free code here too!

Kudos to the team who are organising the event and my thanks for getting the opportunity to speak at it.

My photo - See you all there!

See you all there!


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