Yeurdreamin 2019

I am delighted to be presenting at the first Yeurdreamin event in Amsterdam on June 14th 2019.

The presentation ties in with the publication of my new FREE PluralSight course on ‘Prototyping UX Solutions with Playgrounds and Lightning Web Components’.

LOCATION: Cloudy’s Workshop

TIME: 15:00 – 15:50

SLIDES: Yeurdreamin Prototyping LWCs Slidedeck

WIKI: Step-by-Step Guide

The 50 minute session will act as an introduction to the wiki/workshop created for the course, so developers can learn about design and development techniques for building custom solutions for the Salesforce Lightning Platform, which provides a powerful toolset for developers and administrators to create immersive experiences for users. The workshop will provide a hands-on materials creating designs with Design System Starter Kit, creating ‘composite’ Lightning Web Components in Playgrounds, adding these as Lightning Web Components to a scratch org and completing the project using Apex calls, Data Service, and Record Operations.

Looking forward to a great Salesforce Dreamin event here in Amsterdam – if you see me say Hi!

Barry Hughes

See you at #YD2019!

Prototyping with Playgrounds and LWCs

I am delighted to announce the publication of my new course on PluralSight; ‘Play by Play: Prototyping UX Solutions in Salesforce with Playgrounds and Lightning Web Components’.

The course is available for free at

This is a sequel to my first PluralSight course ‘Prototyping UX Solution with Lightning Components’ which was focussed on using the Lightning Design System Starter Kit to prototype user interfaces for Salesforce Lightning Experience and then porting these designs incrementally as Lightning Aura Components into a Salesforce org.

In February 2019, Salesforce released Lightning Web Components – a new way to create components on the Lightning Platform that use modern Javascript and the W3C Web Component specification.

In March 2019, Don Robins and I recorded a Play-by-Play for PluralSight where I re-visit the Questionnaire application created with Aura Components in the first course and investigate prototyping and producing the same application developed with Lightning Web Components.

Screenshot 2019-05-05 at 22.50.21

PluralSight Play by Play is a series in which top technologists work through a problem in real time, unrehearsed, and unscripted. In this course, Play by Play: Prototyping UX Solutions with Playgrounds and Lightning Web Components, Barry Hughes and Don Robins discuss how to migrate prototypes created with the Salesforce Design System Starter Kit into ‘Composite’ Lightning Web Components in a Playground. The Lightning Web Components created in the Playground are then migrated to a Salesforce org with functionality added to retrieve and manipulate data. By the end of this course, developers will be able to work in teams to prototype and agree on functionality before developing solutions in a Salesforce org.

The code produced in the course is available at this Github repo. A key element of the course is the step-by-step guide produced in the Github Repo’s associated Wiki that explains how to get started – with a single node command creating a scratch org already setup with the original Aura Component Questionnaire application. The 40 steps in the wiki are the basis of the code explained in the course and complete the LWC version of the Questionnaires app.

A huge thank you to the Kevin Pesch and the folks at @PluralSight for the chance to produce this course and to the indefatigable Don Robins for his time and patience in helping me get this course recorded.

I hope you enjoy the course and please feel free to send feedback or reach out for help to @devinthecloud on Twitter



I am a PluralSight Author!

I am delighted to announce that I have published my first on-line course through PluralSight, ‘Play by Play: Prototyping UX Solutions with Lightning Components’.

The course home page is available at The trailer can be viewed for free and PluralSight subscribers can access the 3 hour course that focuses on Lightning Component development. The associated github repo is available here and the wiki I work through is available here.

Don Robins (left) and I talk through the course scenario in 'Play by Play: Prototyping UX Solutions with Lightning Components'

Don Robins (left) and I talk through the course scenario in ‘Play by Play: Prototyping UX Solutions with Lightning Components’

The course is part of a suite of new ‘Play by Play’ styled Salesforce Courses available on PluralSight organised by Salesforce Instructor (and my very good friend) Don Robins. Don is bringing many experts in the Salesforce world to talk and present courses on administration, development and architecture – the work he has done here is phenomenal.

The Course

In this course, I am challenged to show how to effectively approach working with customers and project stakeholders to design, prototype, validate and architect a set of Lightning Components required for a desired solution.

I demonstrate the Salesforce Lightning Design System “Starter Kit” — a rapid prototyping environment using the Salesforce Lightning Design System, HTML, CSS and Node.js. It allows a developer to jumpstart a prototype Lightning project, and easily deploy it to Heroku.

Then, you’ll see me incorporate these mock HTML pages into temporary “Composite” Lightning Components, to surface his prototype inside the Lightning Experience for stakeholder validation.

The initial screen of the final solution showing a list of Questionnaires to be completed.

The initial screen of the final solution showing a list of Questionnaires to be completed.

I then transform the mock pages into a cohesive component based architecture, converting prototype markup and behaviour into fully functional Lightning Components, designed for an ‘Instant Experience’ allowing users maximum ease of use, with minimal clicks.

The User input screen of the final solution providing for questions for answering.

The User input screen of the final solution providing for questions for answering.

And you’ll learn about reusability patterns and development practices that bring the application to life, such as Component Inheritance, Utility Functions, Data Validation, Error Handling and combining the use of Apex controllers along with the Lightning Data Service.

By the time we’re done, you’ll be able to use my project code and Wiki instructions to apply what you’ve learned to your own Lightning Component projects.

Thank Yous

I want to thank Kevin Pesch and all at PluralSight for the opportunity to make this course. And a huge thank you to the very patient and indefatigable Don Robins who urged me to create the course with him and have a grand adventure doing it.

Other Play-by-play Salesforce Lightning Courses have just been released where Don challenges Christian Menzinger and Steve Drucker. Also a shout out to Matt Morris who was my recording buddy for the day – his course on Diagramming Salesforce Solutions is well worth checking out.

London World Tour 2017

I am delighted to be speaking at the London World Tour on Thursday May 18th. My session is on ‘Thinking and Delivering Lightning Components’ at 4pm in the Developer Theatre.

The slidedeck for the talk is available here and I have made the demos available as an unmanaged package.

The London event promises to be the biggest Salesforce Event outside of Dreamforce itself … and a lot of fun! If you see me – say hello!

See you at #LC2017!

See you at the London World Tour 2017!

I have also recorded a webinar where I go through the Lightning Design System Starter Kit to augment the session.

Scotland User Group Event

I am delighted to be getting an opportunity to speak to the Scotland User Group today Markc 2nd. It’ll be a hands-on session looking at the Salesforce UX teams Design System Starter Kit.

The tutorial is available here. The slide deck is available here.

I’ll also be touching on the material I covered at a recent talk at Londons Calling 2017. The video recording of that talk is below.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!

Londons Calling 2017

I am honoured to presenting a session at London’s Calling 2017 – a European event independently organised by the community. The event takes place in London on the 10th February 2017.

The day-long event is bigger than last year’s event – full of amazing sessions and keynotes and a chance to meet and chat with many MVPs from the Developer Community and Developer Evangelists from Salesforce. My congratulations to Simon Goodyear, Francis Pinar, Jodi Wagner and Kerry Townsend for their incredible efforts in organising the event.

London's Calling 2016

London’s Calling 2017

My own session is at 10.00am in the ‘Shift’ room and in it I discuss the planning and delivering of customer requirements with Lightning Components – and the lessons I have learned over the last year, most of which I have spent developing Lightning Components for Blue Wave’s customers.

The slide deck for the session is available here. The checkbox group component is available in my github account.

I have also recorded a webinar where I go through the Lightning Design System Starter Kit to augment the session.

See you at #LC2017!

See you at #LC2017!